Friday, 6 March 2015


After the world champs I headed home and got in a good block of training. I also had to say farewell to by first car, a 1994 saab 900. It failed it's "EU controll" or MOT test and I had to have it off the road by the end of February. So last friday I delivered it to the scrap yard and signed all the paper work to get it written off. Fortunately Norway has a deal where I get 3000kr back for scrapping my car. I guess this keeps cars bellow a certain value off the road. But for me it will at least be a nice starter for my next car.

This means I was left high and dry without a car. Or low and a long way form the ski tracks without a car. Most of the ski tracks in Lillehammer start just above the town. At the top of the ski jumps. It is a long way to walk or cycle and from where I live I'd have to take two busses to get there. Fortunately I have some nice team mates and some nice friends who came to my rescue and gave a lift up to training.

I felt my training went ok. After having had pretty much 4 days off due to being ill, 4 days of easy training and 2 days of volume training I was finally ready for my first hard session last Sunday. Considering I hadn't done anything hard since the sprint at world champs it went surprisingly well. All I did was 3x10min l3. But I didn't feel like death and I actually managed to ski sort of half alright. I had my second hard session on Wednesday. I did 5x3min with 4min breaks trying to ski around 10 or 15k race pace. I did the session with 2 of the other from Team Synnfjell. We skied well as a group taking turns to lead and do the work at the front. I think I had a pretty good session, hopefully it was just the hard run through I needed before Lahti.

On Thursday I left for Lahti, Finland. I'm now away for my last few world cups of the season. Tomorrow is a freestyle sprint in Lahti. On sunday there is a 15k classic and on Wednesday next week there is a classic sprint in Drammen, Norway. This is the last block of really important races of the season, so hopefully I'll be able to finish on a high note. 

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