Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Getting Going

Cross country skiers traditionally start their training year on the 1st of May. Using May to get up and running in their training regime. My training in May is far from what I'll do in the hardest periods. Instead I try to have a good variation of training in May and do a bit of everything I'm going to do throughout the summer. Now in the 3rd week of the training season I've had my first rollerski sessions and my first interval sessions. Returning to a structured training plan and starting up rollerskiing again wasn't the easiest. I feel really motivated to train and really want to get into it, but even the most motivated people can't enjoy roller skiing in the rain. Running however, has been much easier. I've really enjoyed running this spring and I've had a few good sessions. I'm running on the track a bit more and doing a few interesting running sessions than I've done in the past. I've had a couple of speed sessions where I've ran sprints of 200m on the track, and Ive had an interval on gravel (6x4min) and an interval on the track (5x1km). It has added something new to training and provided a bit of inspiration. I'm planing on keeping the track sessions up throughout the summer. I have a small goal of running 3000m in sub 9min this off season. My PB from last year was 9.14, but I'm yet to run it this year. 

Along with the running and roller skiing, my strength training is now getting back on the go. I've managed to get two gym sessions a week in May. There is still a bit of finding our where I'm at, how much I've lost and gained compared to where I was last year. But I've gotten over the initial shock of staring up strength training again. Last week I had my first "core" session. Normally during the summer I have one such session a week as a sort of maintenance thing to keep on top of my core strength, my control and balance. I spend 45min to an hour working on it at a time. Starting with this last week wasn't really that fun. I had a 40min session and by the end my stomach was so sore I couldn't even get up of the floor. I had planned to do 45min but by the time I got to 40min I was so tired I couldn't do anything worth while. Hopefully the next session won't quite feel so hard. 

On Sunday I managed to take some time from training to celebrate Norway's national day. I was invited to a friends house for breakfast. (The celebrations start early with marching bands going a long the street from as early as 6, and of course everyone has to wear a suit or Norwegian national dress.). Starting at 10 and with champaign being the only beverage offered, it was more og a brunch than a breakfast. Everybody had made some food for brunch, or brought something with them. I had to take strawberries, I was obviously not trusted enough to make cake. The absolute highlight was the cakes and buns. We sat there until the late afternoon eating home bakes and strawberries, however I was most concerned with not spilling anything down my suit. By about 4pm we headed down to the centre of town to watch the "russetog". Basically everyone in the last year of high school goes on a 17day celebration from the 1mai until the 17mai. It involves them doing stupid things like sitting under their desk for a day at school, or spending 12 hours in the middle of a roundabout and this all has to be done while wearing ridiculous red overalls. It all ends with them walking in a precession on the 17mai through the centre of town. So we headed down to town to watch them walking along the main street for the entertainment. To see a group of hungover teenagers walking along holding signs with a witty slogan was actually quite fun, despite having to stand out in the rain to watch. 

This week I've got a fair bit of training planned. I want to complete at least some hard training before June, so I'm ready to train more throughout the summer. Tomorrow I've got a Vo2max test planned and another hard session at the weekend. 

I am planning on continuing with Team Synnfjell for this season. Things aren't 100% sorted yet but we are getting there. Unfortunately Frank Heggebø didn't renew his contract as coach for the team. He was offered the coaching job for Team Viedekke Vestlandet, one of the ski federations regional teams, and so he left Team Synnfjell. So Synnfjell has been a bit on the back foot at the start of this season, but I think things are almost fully sorted and the team announcement and coach announcement will happen soon. I'll keep you posted. 

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