Thursday, 15 October 2015


It's now well into October and we're into the "migration" season. Skiers from all over Scandianvia are heading south. In Norway it is getting cold, the nights are longer and it's not as easy to get out and train as it is in the summer. The tarmac gets harder so rollerski poles don't grip as well, leaves are littering the roads and roller ski track and occasionaly we have to deal with ice, sleet and slush. Because trainnig up in the North is not longer ideal a lot of skiers choose to head south around this time of year. There are a number of reasons for heading south and a number of locations that skiers choose during this period. Some choose to head to Mallorca or mainland Spain to train on rollerskis in good warm conditions. Some choose to head to Ramsau to get both good dry land conditions and early season snow on the glacier at 3000m. Others choose to head to Italy of France to train at Altitude.

I'm now in Livigno, Itlay. My plan was to be here for 10 days of dry land training before heading to Val Senales to get 2 weeks of skiing up on the glacier there. Livigno is at 1850m, the lower limit for altitude training, and so a good place to start off an altitude block. After I've gotton used to training up here again I'll head over to Val Senales, where we live at 2000m and train at over 3000m.
I thought by coming to Livigno I'd get a double whamy of altitude training and avoiding the dreaded "too much snow to rollerski, too little snow to ski" that can often occur in Norway at this time of year.  I was wrong. We got to Livigno last night, just as the snow started to tank it down. We woke up this morning to 10cm of fresh, wet snow. Too much to rollerski and too little to ski.

I went for a run this morning and have strength and balance training on the plan this afternoon. So the snow hasn't affected me too much today. It is forecast to snow some more today and all day tomorrow. So I might be able to head out for a ski tomorrow, another alternative is to drive over to Val di Dentro/Bormio. It's quite a bit lower there and so there isn't any snow. There is a roller ski track and a bike path a long the valley which would make for a nice rollerski session.
Hopefully it either warms up and melts the snow or cools down and snows some more. Regardless I'm sure I'll be able to work around it and get a solid block of training done while I'm here.

The last week of training in Lillehammer went quite well. I had a pretty hard week with 3 hard sessions and 24 hours of training on the cards. In early September I felt like my training had been going really well and I'd taken some big steps forward. But the second half of September and the start of October hadn't gone so well. I felt tired, I had missed some training because I felt so tired, and I didn't think everything was going quite in the right direction. But last week I was back on track. All my training went fairly well and all of the hard sessions went smoothly.  It's a promissing sign, hopefully I can keep it up into the winter and race season.
I knocked my training back a bit at the start of this week. I know from past experience that I need an easier few days before heading to altitude. The first 4 days here in Livigno are quite easy as well. Training is a bit harder up here, and recovery takes longer. So it's better to be on the side of caution to make sure I avoid illness and getting over tired.

The next few weeks will be an exciting period of training as we get closer and closer to the race season. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to some good Italian food and coffe as well.

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